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1: Sylvia and Devyn (and Justin) work on their loot bags
2: Megan helps Justin work on his loot bag
3: Tyrone keeps a close eye on the pizza
4: Alex and Ethan on the bouncy castle
5: Nathan and Justin making "chicken"
6: Megan looking after her baby
7: Happy birthday, four-year-olds!
8: Nathan in the bouncy castle
9: Cody's mom and dad look on
10: Megan wants to keep this one
11: Alyne and Megan not smiling for the camera
12: Devyn's mom takes a break
13: Trying to catch the birthday boys and girl all looking at the camera and all smiling
14: Attempt #2 of the same
15: Attempt #3 ditto
16: Sylvia and Devyn working on loot bags
17: Megan suffers an identity crisis
18: Justin behind a hat
19: Justin not behind a hat
20: Gregory demonstrates how to shoot a ball with the bouncy castle
21: People with no heads in bouncy castle
22: Nathan in the bouncy castle
23: Cody, Gregory and Aline in the bouncy castle
24: Gregory about to demonstrate an expected feature of the bouncy castle
25: A brief rest for parents
26: Tammy says that it was this big
27: and this tall!
28: Ethan tries out one of Megan's bikes
29: Sylvia in the kitchen while Justin snacks
30: Alyne
31: Mimi and Lynden while Alex tries to get out of shot
32: Nathan gets a little help
33: Alex and Mimi
34: Alex goes back to work
35: Sylvia
36: Sylvia in thought
37: Nathan hard at work
40: Almost done!
41: Devyn has a watermelon snack
43: Too many people for one car!
44: Devyn takes a rest
46: Ice cream!
49: An out-of-focus Alyne jumps on the trampoline behind an in-focus bush
50: Four different colours of Play-Doh become one very big ball of greyish Play-Doh
51: Happy birthday!
52: Tyrone continues to keep a close eye on the pizza
56: Blowing out the candles with a combined 12 years of puff
60: Piano practice